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Hello there! Thanks for stopping by! My name is Christian D. Aracena and I am a full-stack developer living in New York City. I enjoy all things related to tech and working with others in fun and productive projects.

I really enjoy coding, learning new technologies and improving on previously acquired skills. I'm also an avid gym goer, who likes to spend his time on the weekends with a good read. My favorite video game of all time is Shenmue and fighting games have a special place in my heart.

Latest Projects

Photo Catcher

Photo Catcher - Build Your Dream Gallery!

A full-stack gallery app built with HTML, Bulma CSS, Ruby on Rails. Users can create, edit, delete photos, accounts and view galleries.

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Visit Quisqueya

Visit Quisqueya - Travel to the Dominican Republic

Example webpage for people that wish to visit the Dominican Republic. Pick from 3 provinces (Santiago, Santo Domingo, Punta Cana) and book your trip today! See the current weather and learn about the Dominican Republic's history.

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Knob Creek

Knob Creek Mock-Up - Responsive Knob Creek Index Page Mock-Up

A mock-up of the Knob Creek index page built with only HTML and CSS. Responsive breakpoints at 1440px, 1000px, 600px, 400px and 320px.

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Pre Columbus Finder

Pre-Columbus Finder, A Blast To The Past

A full-stack gallery app built with HTML, Bulma CSS, Ruby on Rails and the Walter Museum API. Viewers can search by country, view and favorite particular artifacts, access profiles and add artifacts to their favorites.

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Flashy - Responsive Flash Card Web App

Flash card app built primarily for mobile. Utilizes easytimer.js for countdown features and bootstrap for styling. HTML, CSS (Bootstrap), EasyTimer, jQuery, Toastr.

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Quisqueya Sweets

Quisqueya Sweets - Responsive Bakery Built with Sinatra

A full-stack bakery website developed with Sinatra and Ruby, some JavaScript and Bootstrap CSS on the front end. Menu options consist of cookies, muffins and cakes with various price points. The about page mentions hours of operations for clients.

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Work Experience

Web Developer - Rowan Technology (Oct 2018 - Present )

  • Create dynamic, styled and functional React components for the user interface
  • Develop Redux actions, action creators and reducers to sustain a single source of truth / store for the entire application
  • Build out multiple CRUD menus for the front-end with added filter functionality
  • Revise and refactor code to improve readability, performance and predictability
  • Utilize end-to-end (Cypress IO), unit and integration testing to prevent potential bugs, improve user experience and ease workflow
  • Use custom CMS to improve the product by manipulating text, layout and gain feedback on user experience
  • Update version control documentation to keep track of changes and provide critical breakdowns of components, functions, actions and tests
  • Engage with other developer/s to discuss past, present and future development and production plans

Youth Programming Teaching Assistant - Generation Code (Sep 2018 - November 2018 )

  • Co-facilitate web development class with lead instructor.
  • Carry out lesson plans and activities to breakdown markup and programming languages, particularly HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Give feedback on student work and provide one on one support with implementing web development technologies as they apply to their personal projects.
  • Ask students questions that help them build innovative problem solving skills.
  • Mentor students as they explore careers in web development and software engineering.

Operation Specialist - Access Bazaar (2016 - 2017)

  • Developed and managed critical marketplace infrastructure projects and listed over 5,000 SKUs on the Bazaar Marketplace.
  • Analyzed user data to optimize product description conventions.
  • Worked with partner API tools to provide Bazaar customers with current product availability.
  • Provide marketplace product support for internal stakeholders.
  • Monitored client issues and resolved it effectively.
  • Supervised accuracy in maintenance records.
  • Ensured implementation of operations management systems.

Front Desk Associate - Skin Spa New York (2015 - 2016)

  • Processed and handled client payments, book scheduled future appointments.
  • Utilized the Booker software and help train new employees on the software.
  • Sustained a steady flow of more than $2,200 revenue daily.
  • Counted inventory/stock and provide maintenance during down-time.
  • Scheduled appointments and updated appointment calendars.
  • Filed and maintained records.
  • Made reservations in the most courteous and efficient manner.
  • Answered all incoming calls and emails determining necessities.

Research Analyst - Tryax Realty Management (2014 - 2015)

  • Computed, recorded, and proofread data, records and reports.
  • Researched and properly documented cases that could have negatively been impacted.
  • Set-up over 20 DVR's on individual locations.
  • Extracted data from videos and produce export clips.
  • Set-up emails and work phone accounts for co-workers.
  • Wrote analysis of current and potential clients.
  • Assisted with monthly reports.
  • Evaluated and recommended new products and services.